2011 Race CANCELLED!

There was a death recently on snowmobile trails involving a snowmobile and a skier and therefore the Forest Service is having second thoughts and the local snowmobile clubs are against the idea. I feel like there are certainly ways to address the safety concerns of having a running race on the snowmobile trails but it seems like this year is not going to be the best time for the race. Perhaps with another year to work on the plans and build a better relationship with the clubs and the forest service we could do this race next year. Folks are certainly still welcome to run the route(any time they want) but I don't think I can involved to make sure to keep on the good side of the Forest Service in hopes that we can do this as a race in the future.

For those of you already signed up I will be putting full refund checks in the mail tomorrow for each of you. Sorry for the hassle and the inconvenience.

2011 Snow Fun 35m/22m

This race will be unlike any you have ever done before. In the Methow Valley and North Cascades we are fortunate to have hundreds of miles of trails to run year round-- yes even in the winter when there is 2-5(or more!)feet of snow on the ground. "How is this possible" you ask. "Snowmobiles." "What?" "Yes, Snowmobiles... well actually to be more accurate the snow cats that groom hundreds of miles of mountain forest service roads to be used for snowmobiles." You might then ask "but who wants to run with a bunch of noisy and stinky snowmobiles?" Well you might be surprised but despite the beautiful scenery, amazing views, and easy access I rarely see more than a couple snowmobiles on one run(even on runs that take all day)! And thanks to the grooming which is done frequently there is a wide and compact surface to run on in your normal trail shoes that is neither slippery or so soft that you sink into the snow-- it's like running on a wide, white, soft trail.

This course starts near the tiny town of Carlton in the world famous Methow Valley at the S. Fork Gold Creek Sno Park at an elevation of 2000ft and climbs 11 miles up to a gap in the Chelan Sawtooth Ridge at 5800ft. At this gap the 22 milers turn around enjoying the long descent all the way back to the sno park and the 35 milers continue another 6.5 miles to their turnaround point which is at 6550ft on top of Coyote Ridge. Those runners taking the longer option get views down to the narrow and deep Lake Chelan and near 360 degree views of the North Cascades, Chelan Sawtooths, and Okanogans. The 22 milers also get nice views but not as cool as the 35 milers--go further if you can!

A: Snow shoes will probably not be needed. The race course is on groomed snow mobile trails and the course will be groomed the thursday before the race so as long as it doesn't snow a whole bunch between the grooming and the race on saturday we should have a pretty firm surface to run on top of. Even if it did snow we would most likely be able to run on the portion of the trail packed down by the snowmobiles that will go out in the morning to set up the aid stations. But anything is possible so having snow shoes with you in your car at the start might be a good idea just incase. But if it's gonna be that bad that folks need snow shoes i'll probably change the course so we run somewhere more runnable. trying to run 35 miles in snowshoes would probably kill most folks!